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I started my own small business about a year ago, and had never ordered business cards for myself before. I Love the Impress app. From the app interface , 2 templates selection, it is so user-friendly! It makes it fun! I especially like how I can do an interactive card view, and share the template with my friends before ordering. The business cards came right on time, and on one side of the cards there’s a slight gradient issue, and Megan replaced the cards right away, and happy to do so ! She’s been super friendly and easy to work with, and really values the quality of the cards and happiness of the customers.


I recently ordered business cards. They came out better than I expected. Very sharp and professional. They also arrived on time as promised. Once I run out of them I will definitely be re-ordering. Excellent company! Highly recommend.

First time user, will be using again!

Great customer service and communication. They reached out  to me throughout the process to ensure the cards were done to my liking and provided insight and assistance along the way. Such a great experience.

Great Service

Outstanding company and products!!! Great customer service!!! I will use Impress again, that is for sure.

Easy to design

I love using this company, They are super easy to design and fast shipping. I also love the customer service. 10/10 recommend.

Amazing App

Easy to create your own personalized card or for beginners has great templates that are easy and simple to use.

Great Stuff

Ordered stickers and it went above my expectations, exactly the design I wanted, the shipping was pretty fast, and I really love how easy it is to navigate. Highly recommend!

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